The Massiah Foundation seeks opportunities to make  innovative, transformational or charitable contributions in areas within its expertise that can result in broad public benefit mainly in education, health, or arts/culture.

Philosophy of Giving

Our philosophy in short:  “We do not give gifts, we make investments”.  The Massiah Foundation seeks to strictly adhere to this philosophy of venture philanthropy.  Massiah pursues investment opportunities that will create the most significant social impact per invested capital.   Massiah support can generally be divided into three primary categories:  Education, Health and Arts/Culture.  In making its investments, the Massiah Foundation looks for philanthropic opportunities that embody innovation, transformation, and charity.


The Massiah Foundation makes investments in educational institutions and individuals that offer opportunities to fulfill its investment philosophy.   The Massiah Foundation’s investments are designed to inspire excellence in education.
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The Massiah Foundation is committed to inspiring the best healthcare possible and achieving breakthroughs in medicine.  It seeks opportunities where it can make transformational or innovative investments in healthcare.
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Art and Culture

The Massiah Foundation makes investments in the arts and culture that help preserve our knowledge of civilization and promote creativity.
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