Orbitron, Internally-managed Hedge Fund

Orbitron is a long-short equity fund focused on annual macro investment themes. Quantitative filters and bottom up fundamental analysis generally select up to 40 long and short positions, while significant use of options generates income and hedges risk.  Alpha is created through sector thematic focus, stock selection and option overlay structures. Orbitron uses puts, put spreads and ratio put spreads to enter into stock positions, generate income and/or provide downside protection for the fund.

Orbitron’s quantitative and fundamental analyses of potential investments is multi-layered.  Each investment is screened methodically and in detail.  Proprietary filters identify and narrow stock selection, and automated asset allocation simulations test correlations.  Fundamental analyses includes financial analyses, valuation modeling and company/industry research.

Orbitron mitigates investment risk with monthly liquidity and no lock-ups or redemption gates, along with documented and audited internal controls, systems and procedures.  Orbitron also provides transparent and timely reporting for managing investment risk and returns.