About Us

Picoco LLC is a privately-held investment management firm. Along with managing its own internal hedge fund, Orbitron, Picoco invests in external managers and incubates local funds.  Picoco also manages a significant real estate portfolio.  Picoco has developed significant proprietary analytical infrastructure and expertise to assess various investment opportunities.  The following is a summary of Picoco investment vehicles:


Picoco’s internal hedge fund invests based on annual macro investment themes. Finely tuned quantitative filters and bottom up fundamental analysis select 20-40 long and 20-40 short positions, while significant use of options generates income and hedges risk.

External Manager Investments

Picoco invests capital in external long-only managers, hedge funds, and fund of funds that meet Picoco’s investment mandate.  Picoco also considers smaller local managers and funds for incubation.

Picoco Real Estate

Picoco’s real estate fund consists of flexible and patient capital that can be deployed rapidly and opportunistically. Picoco Real Estate has created a diversified portfolio of properties located in California, Massachusetts, and Oregon.